Fees & Payments


At Beach Cities Midwifery we bill globally for delivery


The Global OB charges are inclusive of prenatal care, delivery (at the birth center or your home), and postnatal care including the screening blood collection of the new born postnatal follow up of mom and baby. Since we are a State Licensed and Nationally Accredited Birth Center we are able to work with almost every PPO/EPO and many HMO plans, along with State Sponsored plans. We provide complementary insurance verification and consultations. If you have any questions regarding our service please contact our office via email or phone at 888-459-7345.


Estimated Fees for Birth at the Birth Center $6500


How the Global OB Fees are determined:
Professional Services Fee Support Services Fee Facility Fee
  • $2000-$2500 (estimated insurance reimbursement range)
  • *$1500
  • **$2000-$2500 (estimated insurance reimbursement range)
  • Prenatal and postnatal visits with delivery by a Midwife                                                       
  • A composite of value-added services provided by Midwives and staff that are not covered by insurance 
  • Facility Fee (The Facility Fee is reimbursed for Birth Center births; however it is not reimbursable for Home births. The $2500 Facility Fee is out-of-pocket.)

Please note:

*This fee is not reimbursed by insurance.
**Insurance companies do not recognize your home as a “facility”, therefore this fee would be the patient’s responsibility if they choose a home birth.
*** Please note prices subject to change without notice
Beach Cities Midwifery has several options for making payments.
One of our most convenient methods of payment for our clients is our online payment processing.
You can select any amount you wish and a tally will be kept on your account. Please call our office if you have any questions.